Sticky Balls

By | June 28, 2010

Top tip, go shopping when England are playing in the world cup.  I know that will be a long wait till next time.  Lol  But seriously we decided to go shopping at the mall today while England were being defeated in an embarrassing fashion by Germany.

It was busy when we first arrived but started to clear noticeably as we approached 2pm and by 3pm the mall was almost empty save a few savvy shoppers like us.

We were there to purchase outfits for the Erotic Trade Only Show which is on next weekend.  Well for the Awards ceremony which will take place over the weekend of the event.  Alex and I are up for “Best Online Resource” with our site Sex Toys Buzz and we have everything crossed at the moment.  🙂

The store we purchased our clothing is was very quiet and as I sat outside the men’s changing rooms I got chatting to the staff and one of the guys told me an amusing tale of how one guy who was commando wanted to take his daughter in to the changing room with him for her opinion on his purchase.

This sales assistant rather prudently pointed out that it wouldn’t really be a very good idea under the circumstances to do that.  The guy apparently promptly took umbridge at his advice and went to a senior member of staff to complain.

I wasn’t so much interested in the outcome but an answer to my question “Do you have many guys come in here to try on clothing commando style?”  I was slightly mortified at his response of “Yes”.  The very thought of some guys sweaty ass trying on trousers and suits made me feel a bit queezy.

Maybe the stores should start doing what they do with swimwear and placing a piece of sticky cellophane over the crotch of their trousers.  So next time you shop for trousers in a store bear in mind some naked guys ass just may have left you a small leaving present.

Errr!  I just made myself feel ichy again.  lol