Loving Anal

By | February 6, 2008

AlexSUze.comIf you had come up to me and asked me a couple of years ago if I would love to give anal to Alex or for that matter receive it, I would have categorically said NO. Vaginal penetration was the only kind I believed could possibly turn me on or make me come, and that shaped my view of things.

I suppose this should be a lesson to us all that experimentation is key to a good sex life. If I hadn’t given it a try I wouldn’t have known how pleasurable it could be to have an erect cock push inside your ass. The addition of a vibe or dildo can make for a great DP in the absence of another partner, although it is my dream to one day have an MMF tryst with some willing guy. 😉

Sucking cock whilst being fucked doggy is one of my all time dream scenarios and I will do it one day. Until then I will have to make do with a vibe, dildo or anything else which takes my eye at the time, when I’m horny I know no bounds.

That said, I also very much enjoy penetrating Alex. I don’t know if it is the feeling of domination which arises out of the act, after all you don’t often see the male submitting to the woman and there is something of a turn on watching him succumb to your penetration.

I suppose that it’s usually about the male pleasuring the female and fucking a guy up the ass is role reversal. It makes me feel very horny knowing that I am in control and have the power to make him come from being penetrated.

Alex gets hard when I am fucking his ass and usually ends up shooting his seed all over me or the bed. I like to watch him come from my own exertions. We are still in the experimental stage and the next step for us to try is a strap-on or feeldoe. Nothing too big because he has a tight ass at the moment and I prefer to keep it that way. 😉

Anal is now a part of our bedroom life, something we both explored together and find very enjoyable. I’m learning slowly to relax allowing him to penetrate me and fuck me very gently as I’m not quite ready for a good hard fucking yet.

But we are getting there. 😉

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