Fun With Porn Stars And Sex Toys

By | June 28, 2010

EveI’ve seen a number of articles on the Internet about the effect, implications and inferences about you and your relationships of hiding porn from your partner. It’s not something that I’ve had a problem with since meeting Suze. Having a partner with whom you can enjoy pornography is great. No it’s bloody brilliant.

For some of my younger friends this is not an uncommon state of affairs. Both sexes are more open about their sexuality than they once were and more willing to expose themselves to sexual stimuli without getting embarrassed or hung up about it. Whether it’s consuming pornography or experimenting with orientation we are all able to do more in more different ways than I was always taught was “normal”.

Normal, now there’s a word. There is no normal when it comes to sexuality. There’s nothing normal about having a sex blog and co-writing it with your sexy bisexual girlfriend. She’s as likely to lust after the same girls that you do.

It must be awful feeling that you have to keep part of your sexuality from your partner, in fact quite a strain on the relationship. Don’t get me wrong here I can understand why some people would be upset that their partner felt that they wanted to look at porn. It’s like seeing your partner use a sex toy, for some people it’s an addition to the relationship, a turn on in itself in some instances and therefore a very positive thing. There are others for who the mere thought of their partner using porn or a sex toy make them feel threatened and rejected. In some cases this feeling might be valid, in which case there maybe something in the relationship that needs fixing and a sex toy, porn or a lover is not going to fix that. The only cure for a broken relationship is communication.

However porn and sex toys in an open and honest relationship are good things. Each partner has to be open about what they are comfortable with, but the mere act of discovery through using porn and sex toys together can broaden your sexual horizons.

And where did this post come from? Well, which other relationship do you know where the woman wouldn’t be upset that I constantly get porn stars emailing me?

Suze is a wonderful woman.