In My Panties

By | February 6, 2008

AlexSuze.comI was listening to the news on the way to work this morning and they featured an article about women’s pants. Apparently we are now shying away from cheese wire type thongs and skimpies and reverting back to big pants. The kind your mum would buy for you so that you didn’t attract any male attention. Lol

My Mum would always buy me the ones you could pull up under your armpits and tuck your vest in so your back didn’t get cold. But most important of all (and I think it could be a British thing) she would get white ones that you could boil. Why the fuck you would want to boil and indeed steralise a pair of pants is beyond me.

When I was young we all used to do a lot of handstands. It didn’t matter where you were or who was talking to you, the urge to do a handstand would take over. I think I spent most of my childhood upside down. Maybe that is why I was bought such huge pants, it never occurred to me before.

Eventually I was trusted to select my own panties and I opted for the bikini briefs. Slightly smaller and a bit of a compromise when you are gaining your Mum’s trust in purchasing smalls. 🙂 And I picked coloured ones…I’m sure you couldn’t boil those.

From the on my choices got smaller and smaller in size.

Resulting in my choice for the girl who likes to wear tight trousers regularly…the thong! What a revelation they were. No VPL however shear the fabric of your trousers. The up your bum thing didn’t bother me, it was worth the trade off for no unsightly gusset or let lines through your clothing.

To this day I still prefer to wear a thong, I know they aren’t very warm in winter but…or should I say butt. Lol

So returning back to where this post began. The big panty has been revived thanks to new technology in manufacture which now means there are on unsightly panty lines, just smooth lines.

And so I ask myself, “Would I switch?”

The reply would be…”I don’t think so”.

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