Free Porn Anyone?

By | February 6, 2008

AlexSuzeThere’s no such thing as a free lunch, and nowhere is that more true than on the Internet. If you visit a commercial porn site your movements are tracked by its owner and your habits analysed (if they’re any good at their job anyway). Even worse you may, I stress may, be subject to a virus attack.

Not all porn sites are dodgy like this, but a significant minority are. Without virus protection and a fully patched operating system you are liable to become co-opted into a spam relay network at the detriment off yourself (your PC and Internet connection speed will degrade) and the detriment of the Web at large because you’ll be the owner of yet another hijacked PC, spewing out spam emails and blog comments.

It’s the same with the phishing emails offering cheap drugs, or penis enhancement, or weight loss, or eternal happiness if you only visit this site …

I mention this because I’m sick of spam email and spam comments. As our traffic has increased these last three years the spam has increased exponentially along with it. If it weren’t for people using ripped off copies of Windows that can’t receive patches from Microsoft and other with no up-to-date anti-virus software installed the Web would be a much safer place to inhabit.

Most free porn sites are shop fronts for the subscription memberships sites that their owners have. That is sound business, it’s the sweetener to entice a customer in. But like in real life where there’s always someone willing to try their luck and play the shell game with the chancer on the street corner, some people are daft enough to trust that the video they download or, “special codec” required for a site’s video footage is not going to be harmful.

So I suppose in the end this is a plea to everyone. Please patch your operating system regularly and please keep your anti-virus up to date.

Then you can look at as much porn as you like without causing yourself or others any problems hehehehe.

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