Sex Games

By | July 1, 2010

Wax PlayThe press’s need to exaggerate never fails to amaze me, not to mention its duplicitous attitude to journalism.  One minute they are telling you how it is and then the next they are sensationalising the very same thing they just told you all about.

A fine example of this is the story I just read in the Sun about a Mistress and her client’s encounter in the famous London Waldorf Hilton Hotel.  Her client was a married lawyer who had engaged in a drug fuelled BDSM session with her which appears to have gone wrong, resulting in him sustaining a cut to his face.

This made me laugh:

Hot wax had been poured over his chest, and he had a sex toy ring on his manhood.  I love the use of sex toy ring, only the other week they were promoting sex toy sales, I’m sure they know that they are called cock rings and what’s that about “manhood” any other time it would be called a penis or a more colloquial name.  Lol

Even more humorous is the name of the link below and the inclusion of the work “bloodbath”.

You can read the full story here.