Fucking To The Beat

By | February 7, 2008

When Alex announced that this week we would be writing David Bowie inspired posts I was quite happy. I have many memories relating to his songs. All of us have tracks that have been playing at formative or memorable moments in our life.

As I said before I was a big fan but only owned a few of his records myself. There was a very good reason for this, my boyfriend at the time was a fanatic. I think he must have possessed every record he ever made.

Every time I visited I would listen to David’s music, spending hours thumbing through albums to find my favourites.

One such track was “John I’m Only Dancing”, a great beat, wonderful lyrics. I recall listening to it in my boyfriend’s bedroom while his Mum was downstairs. It was a Saturday and we had just got back from the pub. I was so naughty in those days. Spent many afternoons in the pub playing on the pinball machines and listening to heavy rock. Great days!

This particular day we went over to his house and up to his room. We never got disturbed once inside, his mother was very discreet and his Dad was always out I seem to remember he worked shifts.

I selected the track and we turned up the volume. It wasn’t long before we were kissing deep and hard, then a hand inside my jumper…up in to my bra…tweaking the nipple. Me sitting on the edge of the bed with my panties becoming damper by the moment.

He pushed me back on to the bed and before we knew it we were pulling at each others clothes casing them to the floor and turning back his single bed. The music muffled our sounds as he parted my legs and pushed himself between them.

Still quite shy I lay under him as he fucked away not wanting to reveal myself, occasional snatches at the bedsheet. The bed started to squeak as he built up pace but it was barely audible over the music and it wasn’t for long…he came before I had chance to. His excitement had gotten the better of him.

Halicion days and a memory I treasure to this day…the loss of my virginity.