Fucking Tattoos!

By | February 7, 2008

Alex and SuzeI couldn’t resist bringing this news story to your attention.

Some things are transient, like teenage infatuations, other things are forever, like tattoos. Does there need to be a sign above the door of tattoo shops for the intellectually challenged which states “These are the kind that don’t wash off”?

Apparently for that young lady the sign wouldn’t have made much difference anyway. The fact that the tattoo says nothing more offensive than “supermarket” is in itself a blessing. I was concerned that the temporary one that I had a year or so ago said something a bit dodgy. However, in that case it turned out it said exactly what it was supposed to – “Love, Happy, Thought”.

I thought it was daft enough to have your girlfriend’s name inked onto your arm, I mean what happens when you split up? But to have it written in a language you don’t speak? That’s just asking for trouble.