Watching Me Fucking In Home Made Porn

By | February 7, 2008

It must be almost everyone’s fantasy to video themselves being fucked by their partner. For some it is only a dream and for others they make it happen.

Alex and I made a very grainy video of ourselves not long after we got together on an old video recorder, pre digital I hasten to add. One given to us by his father. Little did he know why we said we could make good use of it. 😉

I clearly remember we were in the flat we shared at the time and we had a very spacious bedroom. He was very thorough and set the camera up on a tripod and we were able to view ourselves simultaneously on the television screen to one side of the camera.

The only problem with it is that you have to make sure you are in shot at all times. This makes for very wooden action and constant glimpses at the screen to check you are able to see everything.

On the film you can clearly see me looking over to the left side of the bed whilst manoeuvring, watching the television screen all the time. Alex fucked me like the stallion he is and captured as much as he could from the side with the camera. 😉

I recall him having to get up off the bed and reposition the camera from time to time whilst I lay playing with myself to distract from the repositioning taking place. All very amateur, and all the better for being unpolished.

When he was happy with the positioning he would jump back in front of the camera once again and start to fuck me. His erections went on for ever. 😉 There was an excitement in the air as he fucked me missionary, it was like being watched and that got me extremely horny.

It didn’t take long for him to come and he collapsed next to me on the bed. After he recovered we both watched the footage back and fucked again because it aroused us both to watch ourselves fucking on the screen. 😉

A couple of years ago we purchased a digital recorder and made some new video. This time I was and still am in to tit wanking and I wanted him to video me on my back having my tits fucked. There weren’t the free to view video sites around then, you had to make your own entertainment. Lol

Alex set the camera up looking down and over my shoulder and he fucked my tits as I spat on the tip of his cock to lube him up. I love to watch him sliding between my boobs, the foreskin being drawn back over his tip as he pushes clear of my fleshy mounds.

I pushed my tits firmly together and he banged away at me as the video captured the moment. And as he climaxed I watched his hot come spurt out all over my tits. I remember being so excited at watching the footage back, I had only witnessed this from the one angle and I just couldn’t wait to play it back.

It didn’t disappoint…

…now, I need to find those videos. I’ll catch up with you all later. 😉

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