Cramming Sex Into A Car

By | July 3, 2010

Hentai Car SexWe’re off for a bit trade mingling tomorrow so today is a day for getting ready, packing up and, well looking forward to the show. Two days of looking at naughty adult products, games, toys and the odd porn star. It’s a nice event, relatively laid back because of the trade-only nature of the show.

There’s a cocktail party in the evening which we are looking forward to for a number of reasons. First because we don’t do cocktail parties. I have to force Suze to buy a nice dress and some shoes for the event – she’s very thrifty. Then we’re meeting a lot of people who we only get to see at this sort of get-together. And finally we’re nominated for an award. We have some well established and far better funded competition with very nice websites so I’m not confident that we’ll win, but it’s nice to be nominated.

How much sex can we pack into my little car? Well quite a lot but we’re travelling light this time. We are well established and known by almost everyone in the adult industry over in the UK now so it’s about developing relationships more than creating them. That’s nice as it will not be as frantic as previous years where we’ve taken promotional material, net books and wotnot to introduce ourselves to people.