Screw Until We’ve Saved The Planet

By | February 8, 2008

AlexSuzeOh, the BBC have some great stories at the moment. Take this article I found on the BBC’s news site. Now if it’s possible to harness the energy of someone taking a leisurely walk to recharge your mobile phone just think of the energy you could capture from some really vigorous sex.

You could perhaps power a DVD player to view your latest porn while fucking. The TV might be a bit of an ask, generating enough electricity to keep that going would require some serious thrusting action.

One application that does make sense of course is charging up your partner’s sex toys so they can enjoy your vitality while you’re away. Imagine the extra satisfaction they would derive from bringing themselves off with batteries charged by your passion.

There is of course the small matter of how this energy would be harnessed. Would it be a similar principle to the knee brace shown in the article? Perhaps a contraption of rope and cables? Or maybe some sort of hydraulic generator powered by your love piston. Couldn’t resist that phrase, sorry.

One thing’s for certain, it would get people more interested in saving the planet.