Have Dildo’s Will Travel

By | February 8, 2008

We were having a little bit of a chat at work today about the return of the wonderful Gene Hunt last night in the follow on series to Life On Mars, Ashes To Ashes. And I have found myself saying to the girls all day, “Fire up the Quattro”. Lol

Then we started to talk about cars which we remember from the 80’s and before I knew it we were talking about the size of cocks again. 😉

Horny commented that her friends husband has a huge cock, even bigger than the ten and a half inch guy she used to go out with. I asked her how she knew and she divulged that her friend had a picture of the beast on here mobile phone. Now bear in mind that this woman works with the elderly…I bet she has frightened a few old dears with that.

She went on to tell me that she has had his Albert ring in her hands in the pub. She did add that it had been washed. Lol And she said that it was that heavy it probably tethered the beasty to his inner thigh.

I just sat at my desk with a look of amazement on my face ( I do have to pretend to be ever so slightly naïve from time to time.) 😉 At that point Busty joined in, “It’s huge Suze, I’ve seen the picture of it too”. It seems I may be the only person not to have seen this love rocket. 😀

“She carries a bag of sex toys around in the back of her car. If the police stopped her I don’t know what she would say”, continued Horny. We giggled and sat waiting to hear more. I enquired “Why does she carry a bag of toys around with her?”.

“Because they like to do alfresco sex”, she explained.
“What?”, I added puzzled
“They like to do it outside, up trees, in fields, anywhere in the great outdoors”, she explained.
“I see.” I responded with a huge grin on my face.

I was just about to move on when she added, “And he likes it up the back passage”.
“You mean outside their house”, I said flippantly giggling.
“No, in his bottom”, she added rather innocently.

Well I never! Lol

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