Sex Addiction Is Here

By | February 9, 2008

We have all heard the media stories about Michael Douglas and his sex addiction problem and more recently one of our own, UK comedian Russell Brand received therapy for his. I must admit that I quite fancy him, he possess a razor sharp intellect and is very funny. These attributes all conspire to me having naughty thoughts about him. 😉

It has been reported that this addiction is rife in the UK now and is aided by the easy use of porn on the Internet according to the media. The counselling organisation Relate is reporting a significant increase in people presenting with sexually addictive behaviour which is straining relationships with their partners.

One guy apparently had to indulge in sex between 10 and 12 times a day which was seriously debilitating to him. It affects relationships, families and the ability to hold down a job.

It’s easy to see how a person can become trapped in the downward spiral of addiction, sex gives you a natural high as the dopamine levels rise and an orgasm brings about even higher levels which you want to repeat again and again.

Like all things, sex is best done in moderation, when it starts to take over your life or even become your life then you should seek support and help.

I probably indulge in sex with Alex on average about three times a day and I was concerned that I may be becoming addicted too. But I visited this site ( ) and read up on the subject and although I do like sex, I’m not quite addicted yet. 😉 I can just hear some of you shouting out “Lucky Alex!”. There is no wonder he looks so tired by the end of the week. Lol

No seriously, I never realised just how devastating it can be living with someone with this problem it’s far more wide reaching than simply wanting to make love to your partner frequently.

I’ve was given Russell’s book for Christmas which I intend to read from cover to cover to gain a personal insight in to his personal daemons.

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