Pussy Voyeur

By | February 10, 2008

AlexSuze.comI make no secret of the fact that Alex and I love to fuck and I also like to write about it. 😉 Three times a day is about the norm and I can multi orgasm so it can be absolutely mind blowing!

We woke up this morning after a good evening of wine and over indulgence to the birds singing and Alex having the hardest cock ever. I already had my back to him when I woke and as I began to stir he made me aware of his erection by gently tapping it on my right hip. 😉

Still sleepy and with my eyes closed I pulled off my nightshirt and pushed my bottom against his groin to spoon. Nothing quite like lazy, hazy sex first thing in a morning. He parted my legs and ran his fingers between my pussy lips, good I was wet and he spread my moisture around pouting labia.

I then felt the nub of his cock ease between my lips and inside me. There is something really comforting about feeling him enter and fill me. He began to move in and out of me and I extended my left arm to the edge of the bed making myself more comfortable.

With each thrust I pushed back against him, meeting his hardness with my hot cunt. I was just starting to get in to my stride as I felt something soft and fury nudge my hand as it hung over the bed.

As I opened my eyes slightly I could see the figure of the cat sitting next to the bed looking alert and very interested in what we were up to. So as not to encourage him I ignored him and didn’t offer to stroke him with my hand.

He sat for a while just observing as Alex fucked me from behind. Then he decided that he wanted to become involved and he jumped up on to the bed and sat next to me, purring and staring.

Unlike people, cats don’t appear to get embarrassed and he just sat and carried on staring. We were now rocking the bed and I was close to orgasm. I pushed back hard and felt my vaginal wall spasm as my juices flowed. Momentarily I closed my eyes, taking in the full power of my climax.

Then I felt something pounce on my feet and the bloody cat was playing catch the mousey with them. I cautiously kicked out and this made him worse he became a complete nutter, jumping all over me and trying to bite my toes.

Alex was aware of the feline torment but too in to his stride to take much notice he continued his onslaught of my pussy.

The cat stopped and jumped off the bed to watch Alex shoot his seed inside me, even as he groaned out his last drop the cat continued to watch. Have cats no shame? Lol

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