Suze Does Topless!

By | February 11, 2008

KeeleyWhen I was about 19 and in my prime. 😉 I became comfortable with the way I looked for the first time in my life. Girls are very sensitive and suggestible and extremely conscious of their looks. And I was no exception.

As a teenager my weight fluctuated quite a lot and I never felt happy about myself even when I was so slim that my pubis, hips and major joints all protruded from my body. My parents actually confessed that they were worried about me for a time because I was becoming too thin.

I think in part it was down to the boyfriend I had at the time, he was constantly chasing other girls when he thought I wasn’t looking. But he couldn’t out smart me I knew what he was up to. It did however have a substantial effect on my confidence at the time. On one side I had men wanting to go out with me. And the other was that he would treat me, for want of a better way of expressing it, like shit.

It got to a point where I didn’t dare to eat anything remotely fattening in his presence despite the fact that my family were telling me I was way too thin. I passed through this stage and gained self confidence despite being with the same boyfriend.

I began to notice that yes I did look good.

One evening I was looking in the local paper at the jobs section and I noticed an advert for a photographers model to pose for topless glamour shots. For some reason my confidence blossomed and I wanted to go for the job, it paid well and sounded fairly respectable.

I considered the position for a few days and then decided that I would go for it. But before I did unlike some girls I wanted to let my parents know what I was doing. I didn’t want to one day wake up and have my dad call me saying he had seen me semi naked in a magazine.

At the time it just seemed the right thing to do. For all I know I could have ended up on the cutting room floor but I wanted to be open and honest despite being slightly afraid of my parents response.

Without delay I called my parents and told them that I wanted to speak to them that evening.

In the end I needed some moral support so I asked my boyfriend to come with me. I sat down in front of them both and revealed my intention to have a go out being a topless glamour model.

They were both remarkably supportive and told me that they were 100% behind me if that was what I wanted to do, admitting that they were so happy that it wasn’t anything more worrying I had summoned them for. Lol

In the end I didn’t go through with it, I couldn’t quite bring myself to make that final step. When I think back, I could have just been testing the waters to see if they would support me in doing something slightly naughty.

While I wonder what would have happened if I had done a glamour shoot I don’t regret not choosing to go ahead with it. I’m making up for it now 🙂

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