Hairy Fetish

By | February 11, 2008, SuzeI never really considered myself as a fetishy sort of person. Yes there are things that I enjoy with a disproportionate amount of pleasure than I perhaps should yet that in itself is surely not a fetish. What I feel from most of my guilty little pleasures is simply an extension of the natural enjoyment of say a taste, or a smell or a sensation.

One thing that does verge on the fetish is when someone plays with my hair. I don’t suppose I’m unique in liking someone playing with my hair, it’s just that I like it more than I should. What’s wrong with enjoying someone toying with your locks I hear you ask. Well, nothing except that the people who usually do it (outside my relationship with Suze) are hairdressers.

I haven’t used a male hairdresser in years so that particular piece of no-go territory doesn’t occur. And from what I remember it simply doesn’t have the same effect as a female hairdresser anyway. It must be something to do with the lightness of touch, perhaps the longer finger nails, I don’t know … either way male hairdressers are safe from provoking the wrong reaction in me. Or right reaction, I suppose that depends on your viewpoint or orientation LOL

I really do love someone playing with my hair, to the point that even out of a sexual context the experience moves from relaxing, through stimulating to sexually arousing if I’m in the right mood. It was particularly noticeable when my hair was longer and I’d have it washed, the massaging of my scalp, the water, the soap all conspire to give me a huge rush.

Because it’s me of course I get gentle waves of greyed-out colour from my synesthaesia too. Those become even more pronounced when my hair is being cut, each follicle turning into a sparkling photonic explosion with each movement of the hairdresser’s hands.

So hairdressers, if you get a really hefty tip from a male client with a silly grin. It’s probably me.

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