Am I A Naughty Nurse?

By | September 4, 2006

Naughty Nurse

Things have been quiet here at home this weekend.  This is due to the fact that we ate out over the weekend and Alex got food poisoning or something.  He was vomiting and …well, you just don’t want to know.

The poor guy at one point was sat on the loo with his head in a bucket, firing on both cylinders.  LOL.  Oh bugger, I feel so bad making light of this!  He has been extremely ill at one stage he collapsed on the landing between the bathroom and the bedroom, skin ashen and breaking in to a cold sweat.  I asked him if he was ok but got an intelligible response.

I managed to help him back to bed and I was then faced with the wall of stench which lurked in the bathroom.  Someone had to go in there and clean up and I was the only one capable.  I did try to persuade the cat but he left the house via his cat flap.  You just can’t rely on cats!  😀

It took Alex most of the evening to get to the point where he could stomach a slice of toast.  But we got there in the end and it was marvellous to see him eating and keeping it down.  Because sex wasn’t liable to be happening any time soon I decided to put on a DVD so we could just lie in bed together.  Alex, myself and the bucket.

As the evening progressed and Panic Room played on the DVD, I must confess to having a bit of a panic attack quietly to myself.  How is it, even when your partner is at death’s door you still crave sex with them?  This wasn’t just a lust thing, I really, really wanted to be fucked, fucked so hard that my cervix was being used as a trampoline.  I tried to dismiss my thoughts with things like “Alex is too ill”,  “he isn’t up to it” but desire was not having any of it. 

I wanted…No I needed to be fucked so badly, it was like the craving you get when you quit smoking for that cigarette you know you can’t have (and I know having stop a while ago now).  It made no sense but then again I suppose craving for sex doesn’t, it’s animal, purely carnal, instinctively within you.

Now I started to feel really guilty but I needed to fuck so much that I was beginning to make reasons why I should not deprive myself up in my own head.  This has to be an addiction, I thought to myself.  Therefore I must not succumb to these thoughts.  After all Alex is ill for heavens sake.

But I had been a good little nurse.  *giggle*  So, maybe I would be able to claim my prize later!  We lay there watching the film with Alex positioned on his back, as it was the most comfortable way for him to lay.  This gave me unobstructed access to his cock and without thinking I placed my hand over his flaccid member.  He didn’t flinch so I left my hand there.

The film played on and I began to absent mindedly squeeze his shaft.  Alex seemed to be quite comfortable and we lay there for the next 5 minutes or so enjoying the film, although I was beginning to become distracted as I noticed him becoming hard in my hand.  I pulled back his foreskin and began to stroke him gently up and down under the covers.

I looked at Alex who had his eyes closed and he gave me a smile of encouragement.  He twisted his hips a couple of times making himself comfortable once more on the mattress.  His erection was now almost complete and as I ran my hand over the tip I smeared the pre cum over his plumb.

My right hand was occupied but with my free hand I ran my fingers up and down my slit once, confirming what I already knew.  I was very wet down there.  I was now on my back with Alex’s erection in my right hand and rubbing my clit with my left.  Just as Alex’s cock had stiffened and grown with my attention, my nub was now becoming engorged and ultra sensitive.

I couldn’t contain myself any longer and I pushed back the sheets and swung my left leg over Alex’s hips as I looked up at his face.  “I want to fuck you” I exclaimed, hoping that he would agree.  I didn’t need to ask twice.  “You go ahead sweetheart”, he replied.  I shuffled my pussy in to alignment with his groin, took hold of his erection and guided it towards my descending pussy.  Savouring the moment of entry, I rubbed his glans against my wet pussy and then slowly eased myself down on to him.  I can’t begin to describe how good it felt to have him fill me.

I didn’t stop lowering myself until he grounded inside me, pushing against my cervix in a satisfying way.  Alex’s legs stiffened at this point and I knew if I could have seen through the back of my head, that his toes would now be curled up towards me.  He always does that.  😉

My body quivered at the point of impact with my cervix in a deliciously naughty way.  As if to say he’s home.  I took hold of Alex’s palms for support as I slowly lifted myself up the length of his now pulsing dick.  Then I lowered myself down again, not quite as deeply as last time.  It felt so good and my pussy began to throb with the stimuli.

I picked up the pace and began to ride him like a good cowgirl would.  Bouncing down on him hard with each stroke.  My pussy lips dragging up and down his hard shaft coating him with my cum easing the penetration.  I could feel my orgasm building and I let go of his hands and placed my palms firmly on the mattress as I leaned over his chest, raising my ass in the air as I pumped up and down on his cock.

Alex was motionless on the bed his head tilted slightly back in to the pillow, his eyes rolling up in to his cranium.  His hands were now grasping handfuls of bed sheet and his hips pushed upwards to meet with my pubis.  Saliva ran from the corner of his mouth, he was obviously getting close to orgasm, his moans then affirmed that.  “Jesus!”, he exalted as I pushed down hard on him once more.

At that point his hips pushed up higher as he dug his shoulders in to the bed and he began to thrust in to me.  Ejaculating with each thrust and then eventually shuddering and collapsing back on the mattress.

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a man cum knowing you take sole responsibility for his release.  I sat on his cock until it was soft once more and eased out of my swollen pussy, flopping back on to his groin.

He looks as if he may be getting better…