By | February 12, 2008

Mansfield DungeonBDSM is intriguing to most people. It may not be that they actually fancy the idea of the BDSM scene but most people know enough about it to make them curious.

This might be because they are interested, tempted to try it out or because they can’t believe “what some people get up to”. Either way their concept of what happens in a BDSM relationship, a dungeon, or between a Dom and a sub is probably wrong.

There are two reasons for this. First are the popular misconceptions about BDSM relationships, Domination/submission and all that surrounds them. This has been fuelled by the media (with its need to package everything in information parcels small enough to be retained by the goldfish memory they seem to assume the public has). Add to this automatic defence mechanism that people seem to adopt when faced with a challenging sexual subject – they make a joke out of it – and no wonder the world at large has a warped and/or narrow view of the BDSM scene.

The other reason for vanilla individuals getting BDSM completely wrong is the assumption that there is a formula. That is, you do X, Y and Z and voila that’s BDSM. Think about it for a moment and you realise how ludicrous that is. BDSM / D/s relationships are as varied as any other form of self-expression.

The only way to really find out about anything is to talk to real people, who have real experience about that thing. So that’s what we’re doing. If you didn’t see our interview with The Fantasy Company you can read it here, and now we have published¬†our first post about The Mansfield Dungeon and its owners, Maria and Ian. AKA Mistress Falstaff and Roxanne.

You can read the post here.

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