Having Your Cock Milked

By | July 12, 2010

Bronze WinkyWe are really taking advantage of the summer fruit this year and indulging in every variety we can get our hands on. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, if we can get it we’ll indulge ourselves at the moment. Last night around eleven thirty I went downstairs to prepare a couple of bowls with a nice dollop of Greek yoghurt on top.

While I was doing so Suze joined me in the kitchen and stood behind me. I waited for her to lend a hand, perhaps putting away the half-emptied punnets of fruit. Instead I felt the hem at the back of my short summer dressing gown lifted and Suze’s hand gently cup my balls and roll them in her palm. My cock immediately stirred blood flowing into it.

Her hand then grasped my cock and slowly milked it for about a minute before she stopped, picked up a bowl of fruit and went back to our bedroom to eat it.

It was an interesting experience because it was totally giving of her in that she gained no direct pleasure from the act – though I know she enjoys playing with my cock and balls. I felt turned on in a really naughty kind of way and yet was happy that she hadn’t dropped to her knees, wanked me furiously and let my cum spray all over her. Even now writing this my cock is moving slowly, heavy between my legs, asking to be touched but I will leave it alone.

Suze can pick up where she left off later.