Suze Gives Her Glass Dildo A Workout

By | February 12, 2008

Some things are meant to be shared but others are decadent little treats you don’t. The Glass Worxx Diamond Dazzler Dildo is one of those items that I couldn’t resist keeping all to myself.

As regular readers of our reviews will know we usually review toys together, even if the toy in question can only be enjoyed by one of us directly. We both get a huge amount of pleasure watching and occasionally helping with the other’s reviews. There are times though that the selfish, naughtiness of solo masturbation adds a little something to the moment.

So what’s the toy like? Well, it’s beautiful actually, made from colourless and cranberry glass that catches the sunlight when you hold it and move it in your hands. Though I wouldn’t advise you stand in your window admiring a glass dildo too much because the neighbour’s reactions might be a bit mixed. I guarantee some would want to borrow it Lol.

The diameter of the main shaft is 2.5cm, though if you take the cranberry glass bumps into account it’s 3cm across. The insertable length is just under 15cm. Because the toy is glass you can use it hot, warm, cold or very chilled depending on your tastes. And use to its perfectly smooth design cleaning is incredibly easy.

I decided to try this dildo out in the shower, because I haven’t had a little play in the shower for too long, and we have halogen spotlights in there. I got the practical half of the shower over in double-quick time. Shower gel and shampoo flying everywhere. I normally spend a little time cleaning my soapy breasts and tweaking my nipples, but not on this occasion. I was too intent on playing with the Diamond Dazzler Dildo. The shower seemed to take ages washing the suds from my boobs, and the rest of my body. I didn’t want soap anywhere it might cause a problem or even worse slip and drop the Diamond Dazzler.

I hadn’t thought that bit through I suppose. When I picked up the dildo and held it up to the light it was worth it. The spotlights made the dildo sparkle and twinkle. I know, I know sparkling isn’t going to make you cum, but it all adds to the experience. 😉 As does the warm, wet, clean feeling or water cascading across your skin as the humidity in the bathroom rises.

I was in no rush as Alex was going to be late home from work, but had to slide the dildo across my clitoris. The nodules on the surface were a pleasant surprise. They aren’t shaped to give you a sensation intense enough to bring you off but they playfully tease your little button. Foreplay from a sex toy, that’s a first for me. Lol

I toyed with the Glass Worxx dildo for a while, taking the time to appreciate it’s smooth contours. I relented after a couple of minutes and had to get the dildo inside me. Foreplay is good but I wanted to enjoy my solo fun. I was more than adequately self-lubricated, my pussy anxious to accept the glass shaft. I had a lump in my throat as I slid the Diamond Dazzler inside. It wasn’t the size of the dildo, it was the whole experience.

One of the drawbacks of the dildo became apparent, when inserted with only the spherical end outside my pussy you don’t have much control of the movement of the toy. It has to be out a few centimetres to allow you to twist it, and press it back and forth so the tip presses against your vaginal walls.

Using the dildo standing up was fun given that gravity kept easing it out of my swollen pussy. But I didn’t get the earth-shattering climax I’d been looking for. A little disappointed I turned off the shower and dried myself. I don’t give up that easily so decided to take the dilo to bed.

With my ankles against my buttocks and my Diamond Dazzler held above me I took a moment to enjoy its colours in the dimmer light of the bedside lamp. Less intensely beautiful than in sunlight, but pretty all the same.

I plunged the dildo into my pussy, determined to devour this gorgeous object. I twisted and turned, moaning gentle, I swivelled my hips and clenched my vaginal walls. Unfortunately I was only able to make the gentlest of contacts with my g-spot. Despite the subtle sensation of the nodules on the dildo’s shaft being very nice, this doesn’t take me all the way. A slight curve would have been sufficient to hit the spot, but never mind.

I dipped the middle finger of my right hand into my wet slit and began to stroke my clitoris. The fingers of my left hand gently worked the dildo in and out of my pussy, pushing the glass shaft back and so pointing the tip towards my vaginal wall. My eyes closed, allowing me to drink in the squirmingly delightful sensations I was creating between my legs. It took a few minutes, but with the hot dildo jammed inside me and my finger rubbing my clit I eventually came.

Then I did something that I don’t usually do. I dozed off, probably with a big grin on my face.

When Alex got back he found me in bed. He kissed me on the forehead, waking me from my doze and said “Sorry I’m late. What have you been up to?”

“Nothing much.” I lied. His face was a picture when I swung my legs out of bed, still naked and stood up to give him a hug. The Diamond Dazzler Dildo slid out of me and landed with a thud on the floor. His jaw doesn’t often drop but it did then. And I thank my lucky stars that we have carpet on the floor in the bedroom.