How Wet Is Your Pussy?

By | February 13, 2008

AlexSuzeSuze is getting very wet at the moment during sex, wetter than normal. She does appear to be actually ejaculating, which is something that previously had only happened with a little digital stimulation from me.

The feeling is something new, a wet sensation on my inner thighs as well as hers, as the wetness spreads while we screw. Not the heavy damp humidity that normally accompanies her increasing enjoyment, something quite different. Suze mentioned the wet patch yesterday, it was very pronounced. And we are talking about a wet patch here, not just a damp spot, it’s a sizable puddle.

It does have its drawbacks. Because of the extreme lubrication I do feel a loss of sensation for a while. However because it’s a real turn-on to know that she is enjoying the pounding she is getting so much I carry on regardless, the sensation slowly returning as the sweet friction counteracts the lubrication. And as we all know, the longer a man holds back his orgasm the more intense it is.

Monday night was a sensational orgasm, khaki-green and black. Lots of growling and clutching at her naked body. In fact she may have bruises because I lost my grip on reality for perhaps a minute as I came, moving deep inside her even after I could actually cum no more. The involuntary thrusting rubbing my hyper-sensitised penis on her vaginal walls, making me yelp and growl like a wild animal.

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