Talking Dirty And Being Punished

By | July 14, 2010

Tartan SkirtI don’t often cover heavy topics here because it is a fairly buoyant place and I don’t want to bring the day down.  But I just read that Scotland are proposing a new law which will change the face of adult communication.

October will see the inception of the new Sexual Offences Act, this will include a clause relating to “Indecent Communication”.  It will make communication with someone sexually be it in writing or speech without the other person’s consent or “reasonable belief” that they did indeed consent to it illegal.

The act is broken down in to these main areas, written communication, verbal communication and gestured communication.  I’m sure they would have had a pretty stiff case against me in my previous job because I quite often started raunchy conversations with my work colleagues without their consent and occasionally added the odd gesture.

You have to wonder how this may impact on office life and also the social networking side of things where sexual advances and approaches are common place, well they are for me.  Lol