Rough Sex With The Rock Chick

By | July 15, 2010

Rock ChickShe was kneeling over the bed in the caravan I lifted her skirt slowly. The sight of her stocking tops sending a rush of excitement through me adding to the rush of sexual feelings that were driving me wild. She was wearing silk French knickers that stretched over her round, firm ass. There was only one thing left to do, pull them down …

… we had been watching the band when we noticed each other. I was dressed in black, she in purple with a headscarf that made the pretence at a gypsy heritage. We gravitated together and with the exchange of no more than a dozen words we knew we were leaving together.

… she led me into the caravan with one thought on our minds. A frenzied kiss was my welcome to our world, her leg slipping between mine to rub against my already stiff member. There was no doubt of my readiness or intent and no denying her need to be fucked. She dropped to her knees and bent over the small bed. She gave me a look over her shoulder that challenged me to take her and I did …

Removing her French knickers revealed a snatch already pouting and wet. I unfastened my trousers and pulled out my cock but before I used the swollen, swaying member I slid my fingers up and down her glistening flesh then placed my now aromatic fingers to her lips.

She licked at them, taking in her own juices and devouring the delicacy. She began to suck at my fingers. In my mind the obvious transposition of fingers for cock took place and I felt the burning, churning sensation of an orgasm begin to blossom in my groin. I pulled back, pushing the vision of my cock in her mouth from my mind.

Her pussy was waiting. The mere though of parting her lips with my swollen member made me shudder and I paused at her entrance Her anticipating the moment. Quickly the desire overwhelmed my need to savour the moment and I pushed against her. She had a trimmed but otherwise full bush of pubic hair, covered in juices and the hairs rubbed my head and shaft as my cock disappeared inside her hot, wet pussy.

She gasped, not in that theatrical way that some girls do to encourage but with genuine surprise and enjoyment. The fervent animal that I had been holding back because of the briefness of our acquaintance took this as a queue to be released from its self-imposed imprisonment. I placed both my hands flat on her lower back, pushing her into the mattress and pushed myself deep inside her.

I swing my hips back and forth with no regard for her comfort or pleasure, taking only satisfaction from fucking her hard. She did not object, on the contrary she responded to the unsophisticated animal passion and its savage manifestation by bucking back against my cock and growling words of profane encouragement at me.

Her pussy clenched and milked me, sweet juices flowing from her and drenching my cock and balls. Her muscles spasmed with each of her three orgasms and the ugly words spewing from her beautiful mouth added to my excitement. My orgasm was fierce, a burning tempest of cum and sensation but only a little more intense than the enjoyment I felt from fucking this horny stranger harder than I could remember fucking anyone before.

It was only when I began to soften, her pussy awash with her cum and mine that I realised we were both spent. We crawled onto the bed and fell asleep.


In the light of morning I began to wake but it was not the sun that stirred me but her lips around my cock coaxing me to life …