I Think They Know I’m A Nympho

By | February 15, 2008

AlexSUze, SuzeToday the girls in the office got a little over excited as they do at the sight of a good looking male visiting the office. We had a visit from one of our clients who is a very close friend of the boss. He is a bit of a lady’s man in his clean cut suit and Mercedes sports car.

As soon as he is seen driving in to the car park the girls get all giggly and unnecessary and today was no exception. This suave guy makes a habit of visiting the office regularly and he got the girls even wetter than normal today…he also brought belated Christmas chocolates. And they were the finest Belgian ones.

He’s OK but I know that he is also happily married with young children but that doesn’t stop the girls juices from flowing. I bet there were a couple of wet seats in the office today. 😉

The girls have known him for years and obviously I have only been there for one of those. He entered the office and said hello to me but the girls each got a kiss in turn. Not on the lips but a friendly hug and kiss on the cheek. You should have seen them, they were like a pair of hormonal school girls.

He only stayed in the office for about 5 minutes and then kissed the girls goodbye and disappeared out the door with the boss for lunch. Horny actually told him that he could sit in the office and amuse them all day and I know she meant it…I think he did too. He was lapping it up, they are so obviously gagging for it. Lol

After the car pulled out of the car park Busty turned to me and said “I know this sounds really naughty but when he kissed me on my cheek, my mind was telling me to turn my head and kiss him on the mouth”. Both girls giggled and I could tell that the same thought had probably entered Horny’s head too.

I just wish that Busty was gagging for a bit of girl-on-girl because I would be down on her before she knew it. Sorry, got carried away just then. 😉

I told her she was a dirty girl and that they were corrupting me. They both came out with the same statement “Us corrupt you!”…”You stand need talk, we never knew this side of you”.

Perhaps I need to tone it down and become a little less sexual at work, what do you think?