Clit Edging

By | July 16, 2010

BoobsI have a favourite dual speed clit vibe with a vibrating tip.  It’s nothing fancy and guaranteed to bring me off even if everything else fails.  It’s a little too good actually and usually has me spasming with delight within a few minutes of use.

Clitoral orgasms for me are very intense and enjoyable.  They take me over, seizing my mind and body leaving me speechless and holding my breath.  And when I come down they leave me spent, satiated and with an overall sense of well being as my endorphins dance.

If I’m lucky I can have a multi clitoral orgasm but usually I’m too sensitive to go for a second.  Herein lies the problem because I come so quickly I wanted to prolong the pre orgasm stage so I could savour the moment more fully.

I lay back on the bed, porn playing on the DVD but not too loud as to alert the neighbours.  Reaching up between my legs I found my warm sweet place and parted my lips in readiness for my vibe.  In my hurry to pleasure myself I had left my t-shirt on, removing my jeans and panties discarding them on the floor by the bed.

The blonde and the brunette were busily engaged in a 69 lapping at each other like a delicious lollipop.  I pressed the button and my vibe buzzed in to life.  Pressing the speed control I moved up in to the faster speed setting and my clit started to respond as it does by mildly tingling which spreads down to my toes.

A small gasp released from my lips as the vibrations rippled through my little pink bud.  Within moments I was tensing my buttocks and curling my toes, close to orgasm.  I pulled the vibe away from my clit before I went too far and turned the speed down with a press of the button and placed it just over my clit, not touching but buzzing against my labia.

It felt good and I found that leaving it there held me in a state of suspended climax.  I was tingling, flushing with blood, heart pounding but not quite reaching the pinnacle of pleasure.  For the first time I was edging, not quite coming, holding back.  Wow!  This was so arousing.

Judging just the right amount of pressure to apply and when to back off is a skill I still need to perfect but I had managed to hold back my orgasm until my will wouldn’t let me any more and I placed the vibe flat on to my clit and let it work its wonders.

Toes curled upwards, back arched and hips tilted I exploded, writhed and moaned as I came my juices running down the handle of the vibrator, coating my fingers.  I gasped as respiration kicked back in and collapsed back on to the bed.

This felt too good to only do once…