Hand Job Head Job

By | July 17, 2010

Hand Job Head JobHe pulled down his tight Lycra boxer shorts as she had instructed, peeling the black fabric back to reveal his already swelling cock and tightening balls. He left them just bellow his scrotum, cupping his balls in an elastic sling, pushing them up and outward so they rested higher up his shaft than they normally would. The stretchy material put pressure on the underside of his penis too which became more and more noticeable as his prick filled with blood. He sat in the chair and waited for her instructions

“Stroke it.” She said. “You know what to do.”

His hand grasped his cock an awakening animal now almost fully erect. The skin was soft and slide easily up and down the shaft creating a growing swell of excitement that far outgrew the physical size of his heavy, veined manhood. The skin of his foreskin at first rolled on and off the helmet of his glans and back over his corona but was soon lubricated by the first drops of precum as they oozed from the tip of his cock making the transit of the skin smoother and slicker.

The head of his hard cock was soon covered in clear, glistening fluid and he could hear her breath behind him quickening. She would be playing with her tits, tweaking her dark brown nipples as hard as she could. The though of her tortured nipples made him shudder and closing his eyes he relished the thought. Another idea crossed his mind, to turn around grab her, push her to the floor and cum on her full round breasts, white cum spraying over her dark brown skin. Yet he resisted as she had asked to be the voyeur and the one in control.

“That’s it.” She whispered breathlessly. “Squeeze it too I want to see that shiny head.”

He complied and gripped his shaft to ensure the head of his cock was hard and smooth. He heard her catch her breath at the sight and knew she would be licking her lips.

He began to groan. Letting himself go submitting to the tingling rushing of an orgasm that he felt building.

“Not yet!” She crooned. “Hold it, hold it …”

But there was no stopping it. Her breath on his neck, the voice in his ear, the thoughts of her watching him were too much. He felt the muscles contract and the pressure waves pushing semen from his groin into his cock. It burst from the tip in four hot, white spurts then continued to ooze down his knuckles.

He lay back, glowing from the climax and heard her move in front of him. He opened his eyes to the sight of her standing with her legs apart in front of him. The crotch of her white panties was wet, one hand inside massaging her pussy. The other hand was pinching one her nipples. She smilled at him, he smiled back.

She straddled his lap, pressing her engorged sex against his softening cock. She lifted his hand to her breasts and smeared some of the cum from it onto her nipples. Then she pulled his head down.

“Lick them clean.”

And he did, lifting every drop of viscous, salty fluid from them before she rewarded him with a deep sensuous kiss.