Doing It Together

By | February 15, 2008

AlexSuze, SuzeYou will have read this week that I have been on my period. This doesn’t impact too heavily on my sex life, I still continue to fuck. And my sexual appetite isn’t impeded in the least. In fact if anything I seem to be even hornier when I’m menstruating.

I don’t want to gross you all out but (you can scroll down to the next paragraph if you are squeemish. Lol) blood has just the right viscosity for fucking, not too smooth and slightly tacky. There, I won’t say any more about that. Although it is true…

One thing you do have to be careful of is leaving fingerprints all over your partner. I you handle your cock when it has been inside your girl make sure you are careful when you touch anything. Alex once forgot and I ended up with a rump which looked like spotty dog. Lol

What I did intend to tell you all is that Busty asked if she could borrow a tampon from me today. I normally keep mine to hand in the toilet. It avoids and transportation embarrassment between my office desk and the ladies toilet.

She then confessed that her periods seem to have synchronised with mine. I have read about this happening in groups of females before. Strange thing is that we are both on the pill and therefore follow a pattern. I’m not sure how this can happen when taking contraceptives, has anyone else encountered this?

It made me curious to know if she has sex with her boyfriend when she is on. I’m not sure that she does because they had an early night last night and nothing happened they just fell asleep.

I was eager to know but just couldn’t find the right moment to swing the conversation around to asking her. I’ll see if I can find out next week. 😉

Oh and before I go I’ll just let you all know…I’M NOW OFF! So, I’m off to get me some. 😉