Sex Times Three

By | July 18, 2010

Little PWe went out this morning to do some necessary shopping today, food for us, food for the cat, food for the birds, food for the squirrels and food for the snake.

The reptile shop is in the same area of town as the local sex shops, three of them, quite small and quaint in their own way … and we didn’t go into any of them.

Are we getting a bit Jaded? Nah, I don’t think so. Our house is so full of sex toys and DVDs that it is better stocked than a lot of high street sex shops so why would we need to go out? Hehehe.

I have to admit that we did take a trip to a larger sex shop a bit further afield yesterday. We hadn’t been for ages and wondered what they had been up to. Not a lot as it turns out, Summer is quiet in the sex shop business, the new stock will be arriving in the autumn ready for the Christmas rush.