Sex With Seven Girls – 1 Jane

By | July 18, 2010

PurpleJane opened the door to a furtive looking Tony. “Can I come in?” He asked.

“Of course.” She answered in a voice like syrup.

His business suit which normally conferred an air of professionalism and authority suddenly felt too big for him, he felt hot, a little flushed and trembled as he thought what to say. This was an unexpected turn of events and one that he had fantasised about from time to time. Jane was one of his wife’s college friends. A group of about half a dozen girls had always formed Pipa’s circle of friends and even now they kept in touch. It was only when he had bumped into Jane in the supermarket ten years after they had left college that his old fantasies popped back into his head.

Her attire when they met had done nothing to dampen his ardour, smart business suit, hair tied up, glasses, her toying with a pen playfully on her lips … they had talked for a while then met up for lunch in a nearby pub. The chemistry was extraordinary leaving him with a sticky damp patch on his leg when he got up to leave and a heavy turgid cock dribbling down his leg.

This was the meeting they had arranged in the pub. Neither had mentioned sex but the attraction between them was palpable when they had arranged the liaison. There intensions were obvious and in synchronisation.

He followed her through to the lounge. The light was dim, curtains closed and only allowing in a golden glow from the bright, sunlit day outside. Her hips swayed in front of him, full and round, wrapped in tight denim. Her red T-shirt was tight following the curve of her back and he could pick out her bra strap under the material. He wondered what colour it was, and almost immediately found out.

She grasped the hem of the T-shirt and pulled it over her head. Her long, dark gently wavy hair fell back to her creamy shoulders. He looked past her, seeing himself and her framed in the mirror on the wall. It struck him that he looked like a nervous schoolboy. That was not so far from the truth. Since college he had only slept with one woman, his wife Pipa.

Jane turned, the purple lacy bra he had been waiting to see presenting her C-cup breasts towards him. His mouth was dry and he licked his lips with a parched tongue. Her hands slipped around her back and unfastened the clip, her breasts were revealed to him as it fell to the floor. She gave him a look that indicated he should pay them some attention and he heeded her bidding.

At first he leant forward and suckled at one nipple, but because of the difference in height found himself at an awkward angle. He knelt with his head between the plump mounds holding one in each hand, licking and sucking at the now hard nipples. Jane started to push the jacket from his shoulders so he dropped his arms to allow it to fall.

A few minutes passed then Jane pulled him back to his feet by his tie. She rubbed his crotch, squeezing his cock as if to satisfy herself that the straining member inside was as big as she thought it was. His hands continued to squeeze her boobs making her tremble, or was it the thought of his thick, hard …

She started to unfasten his clothes, tie, shirt, trousers. As the trousers fell to the floor he removed his hands from her chest and kicked off his shoes, peeling off the rest of his clothes to reveal a body that suddenly made him feel self-conscious after too few hours in the gym. When he pulled down his boxers Jane drew in a sharp breath as his long, thick prick bounced into view.

Jane slipped her hand around his shaft, running her fingers up and down his length. Her nails gently grazed the velvety soft skin before she pulled back his foreskin to uncover a glistening head. “Play with it for me” Jane instructed. He did, and she watched while she slipped off her jeans and now wet purple panties.

She lay on her back on the thick rug in front of the fireplace and without ceremony raised her knees and spread herself wide. The dewy wetness of her pussy opened like a flower to reveal a hot red core.  Tony knelt between her knees and shuffled forward until his cock was pressing at her entrance. His face was now level with her and they kissed for the first time, each mouth hungry and impatient.

Jane’s moan as Tony entered her was stifled by his mouth pressing into hers. He broke his lips from hers and shifted his hips to penetrate her fully but found her not as deep as Pipa, perhaps Pipa had grown to accommodate him, or had she always been the perfect fit? He couldn’t remember. The thought of Pipa didn’t deter him from fucking Jane, in fact it made him even more excited. This was like being back at college, fun, exciting, new … not that Pipa wasn’t exciting … no, he wasn’t going to let guilt spoil this.

Jane’s breasts rolled across her stomach, the brown nipples hard in appreciation of his efforts. Each thrust of his hips was accompanied by a slapping and sloshing noise from the union of his cock and Jane’s wet pussy. He was almost fully inside her now but the alarm on Jane’s face told him not to press any deeper as his ambition to penetrate her exceeded her ability to accommodate him.

She thrashed underneath him and clawed at his chest with her purple painted nails. He knew she had cum once, maybe twice, whimpering and moaning in a long, low chorus that made it difficult to know where one orgasm ended and another might begin.

His face betrayed that he was about to cum, as did the subtle change in rhythm of his hips. “Pull it out I want to see you cum!” she cried. Just in time he drew his cock from her pussy. He held the glistening rod in his hand and stroked it twice before the first stream of semen shot across her belly. He continued to pump until the jets of white fluid became a slow oozing dribble that criss-crossed her belly and filled her navel with an opalescent pool of hot cum.


Jane sat naked on her bed , rubbing her clitoris gently with one finger. The late afternoon sun was throwing golden rays through the window and filling the room with a syrupy glow. Her phone was pressed to her ear.

“Hi, yes it’s Jane.” She said when her call was answered. “He came round. I told you he would. No he doesn’t suspect a thing. So, what next?”