The Celebrity Facial Face-Off

By | July 19, 2010

Kelly BrookIt’s difficult to imagine a world without certain recognisable images. Specifically I’m talking about faces. I’m not even talking about photographs here, but images that date from hundreds or thousands of years ago.

Although we all have an idea of what we think Jesus Christ looks like, the absence of digital photography in first century Judea means that we really have no idea what the physical embodiment of God actually looks like. The same can be said for the bard of Avon. The portrait that everyone assumes is of Shakespeare may not actually be of him. Woodcuts are notoriously easy to manipulate with the 1605 version of Photoshop. LOL

However, that doesn’t actually matter. If you see a picture of a guy with a wispy beard and a slight halo, you immediately think of Jesus Christ. The tubby guy with the bindi and the serene smile has to be Buda. And the guy with the slightly dreamy stare and the beret must be Chez Guevara, or Frank Spencer 😛

The same is true for contemporary stars, in entertainment in general, or in the adult arena. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are instantly recognisable as the serial parents that everyone loves, or hates, delete as applicable. And there are dozens of other stars whose face will send the glossies flying off the magazine racks at the local supermarket without the editor having to write one line of original or even vaguely accurate copy.

In the adult world such faces are less common. There are certain stars who are instantly recognisable by everyone – even those who don’t frequent adult sites. The obvious one is Pamela Anderson, but if you look women who have not been so explicitly depicted on the Internet, what is often referred to as glamour, there are others. Keeley Hazel, Kelly Brook, Abi Titmus … but it’s a small number.

There are a huge number of people working in the glamour and adult industry, all wanting fame and fortune, but only a few will make the right decisions and get the right breaks to be both an adult star and a mainstream personality. In one way it’s a shame because they work very hard, at a very difficult job and are on the whole very nice people.

And in these times when people become famous for living in a house with a dozen or so other misfits, why shouldn’t adult stars be mainstream celebrities?