Sex With Seven Girls – 2 Rebecca

By | July 18, 2010

Rose ReposeRebecca had never left the village where Tony and Pipa lived. As part of Pipa’s circle of friends she hand known Tony as long as Pipa had. Tony’s appreciative eye had always noticed Pipa but once he and Pipa were an item  Tony hadn’t considered Rebecca as anything other than a friend until the day he went to buy Pipa some flowers. It was the creeping guilt that made him do it. The afternoon of adulterous sex with Jane that made him want to show how much he still loved Pipa.

Rebecca greeted him with her usual sunny “Hi!”. She took his order and payment then they indulged in a little small talk about life in general. It was only when Tony touched upon Rebecca’s recent divorce that she looked a little upset and his arm slipped around her shoulders.

“Cuppa?”  he asked.

“Please, I’ll show you where everything is.”

Rebecca dropped the latch on the shop door and turned the sign to “Closed”.

In the rear of the shop behind the piles of empty flower boxes were a small sink, kettle and fridge. The kettle rumbled and chugged while Rebecca wiped the running mascara from her cheeks and tidied herself using a grubby mirror next to the sink.

Tony looked at her, feeling protective and wondering what to say to his wife’s old friend. What she said to him surprised him.

“I never really loved Michael you know. I only married him because mum wanted me to. I wish I could have married Pipa.”

Tony’s jaw dropped. “Pardon.”

“You didn’t know? I always had a thing for Pipa since we were in the sixth form …” Her voice trailed off. “You didn’t know I was bisexual?”

A lump the size of an apple had formed in Tony’s throat. “Well, er no.”

Rebecca giggled. “I was imagining getting into her pants before you were. She never mentioned it?”

“It never came up.”

“Something has.” Rebecca looked down towards Tony’s crotch.

Rebecca walked slowly towards him her dress swaying with each step. “I’ve often imagined it, kissing Pipa, touching those cute little breasts of hers, licking her pussy. Does she taste good?”


“Oh, come on, don’t tell me you aren’t thinking about it now. I’d like you to be there to watch, I’ve never done  that, put on a show …” She turned and walked away from him towards a stack of flower boxes. Her hands reached down and gathered up her skirt, pulling it over her waist as she bent over the boxes.

Her white knickers covered her pert bottom creating the perfect termination of her smooth, naked legs.

“Would you like to see Pipa licking my pussy, lapping at my ass?” Rebecca teased.

“Becca you need to calm down a little.” And so do I thought Tony whose heart was thumping in his chest.

“I will, once you’ve fucked me.”

“You want me to make love to you here, now?” Asked Tony, not sure if he was the butt of a cruel joke.

“No, I want you to fuck me. I need to be fucked!”

“Oh”. Tony considered the situation, it was so wrong, but then felt the clichéd response bob into his head “Yeah, but it’s so right. She wants you, she even wants your wife, you never know …”

Tony stood behind her. She bit her lip in anticipation and smiled when she heard his zip slide down. She felt her knickers pulled down to mid-thigh and parted her legs as far as their waistband would allow. She knew her pussy was wet and pouting, its hairless lips inviting invasion by him.

His hand rested in the small of her back and she pushed backwards, impatient to be penetrated. Then she felt it, the tip of his cock pressing against the soft folds of her labia. A moment later she was being stretched by a penis much larger than she was used to. Her pussy became full with his hard cock and yet inch by inch she took his whole length, her walls stretched by his girth.

Slowly swinging his hips Tony tried to push away the thought of his beloved Pipa and Rebecca cavorting naked in front of him. He looked down at Rebecca, her red-brown hair falling over her face, the little he could see of her countenance looking contented, her mouth slightly open emitting a tiny, quiet gasp with each of his forward strokes.

Her butt cheeks were parted enough so he could see the light-brown opening of her puckered anus that she wanted Pipa to lick. That thought nearly tipped him over the edge. He pushed his wife and Rebecca from his mind and increased the speed and force of his thrusts. His hands shifted to her hips and helped him impale her on his cock. Rebecca’s moans intensified to a new level of appreciation, then grew louder still as he raised his hips slightly and pushed his cock down onto her G-Spot.

She came with a cry that was almost a scream which faded into a whimper. The accompanying spasm in her vagina gripped his cock and made his orgasm an inevitability. He slammed his hips into her buttocks pushing his squirting cock deep inside her with a series of animal grunts. He only realised later that his hands had grasped her shoulders in a crushing grip.

Afterwards she casually leant on the flower boxes, rubbing her clit and occasionally licking her cum soaked fingers while he composed himself. “Pipa’s a lucky girl.” She said.


“The divorce thing worked like a charm, a few tears, letting him know I fancied his wife.”Laughed Rebecca. “No, didn’t upset me at all, I’m over Michael, the selfish bastard, glad to be rid of him. And Tony would have cheered me up anyway if you know what I mean, he’s very good … oh, yes, he’s good.  I’ll give you his number …”