She Does Naughty Things To Me

By | July 19, 2010

Gym BoobsIf you have been keeping up with things over here you will know that I’ve been lusting after a girl at gym.  A few weeks ago I found out she was called Louise but I still haven’t been presented with an opportunity to talk to her yet.  I’ve smiled at her and had mine returned though.  😉

Up until today I hadn’t seen her at gym for weeks.  But when I arrived this morning she was already in her workout corner using her weights.  You see Louise is a bit of a body builder, which would normally put me off.  I dislike bulging muscles and sinewy arms and legs on a woman.

However she has been very careful with her training to ensure that she doesn’t over develop her frame.  She has a figure to die for and a pair of lovely breasts that she displays very nicely in her low cut tops.

It was also noticeable that there were more guys working out weight lifters corner today too.  Lol  As I made my way to the bench press machine she lay back on the bench a pair of heavy hand weights in her hands and proceeded to drop them to her sides and then raise them above he chest.

What a view I got and the other guys!  You could see her round firm breasts being worked out straight down that low cut top.  The sight made me a little giddy and I lost count of my set, I must have done 15 instead of 12 I was that distracted by her.

I’ve been trying to think of ways to bump in to her and spark up conversation but she never leaves her corner.   I’m thinking I may have to start using the free weights and perhaps some instruction from her.

Now there’s a thought…