Cultured Pussy

By | February 16, 2008, Katherine JenkinsThe reason for the title to this post is to show the juxtaposition of it’s subject…Katherine Jenkins. Until last night I hadn’t heard of this Welsh songbird, who not only breaks the mould for build as far as opera singers are concerned being slight but with curves in all the right places but also being a stunning looking lady.

When you visualise an opera singer you immediately think of someone with large lung capacity and therefore a person who is quite large like the late Pavarotti. And usually, and I repeat usually, they are not the most attractive of people.

But this girl is a revelation…I want her even though she would be so much more attractive in her natural shade of brunette.

I saw her on Jonathan Ross’ show last night and I must admit I have become a convert, never again will I look at opera in the same light and she can certainly come over and I will make her sing all night. 😉

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