Sex Toy Videos

By | February 17, 2008

SilhouetteWho would have thought that the primary use for the most expensive equipment in our house would be the production of videos for sex toy reviews? If you ignore last Christmas and the family get together I videoed, the camcorder has been trained on sex toys and either Suze or myself presenting them.

Heaven help us if the thing went wrong and we had to send it away for repair with the videos still on it. I always clear it down, backing up the files to the PC and backup drive as soon as I can but it could happen. Like the time when the DVD player jammed when I tried to eject a hardcore porn flick.

The stills cameras are not so bad as their memory cards are removable, so any adult images can be removed before they are sent for repair, should that ever be necessary, but the camcorder’s hard drive is buried inside somewhere. Inaccessible and incriminating. LOL