Forever Fucking

By | July 21, 2010

Crystal-harris.jpgWhat’s all that about then?

Most of the time when a guy comes his cock heads rapidly for floppy-ville. The nature takes its course and the warm glow of post-coitus envelopes you. Over the last week there have been a few occasions where that hasn’t happened.

My erections have stayed and taunted me with the promise of further sex but the realisation that another orgasm was only possible way after the erection finally subsided.

The first time it happened I carried on, much to Suze’s surprise and delight. My roaring and pounding orgasm would normally have marked the end of proceeding, yet I continued and brought her to orgasm once more before the hyper-sensitive nature of my cock finally broke though my frenzy.

I wonder if this will carry on? The seemingly endless erections?