Dirty Brits

By | February 17, 2008

AlexSuzeLast night Alex and I lay back after an interesting evening of debauchery and video making to watch some late night satellite programs. 😉 We managed to see something quite rare on British television, a program called British Sex which was about our (British) sexuality and various adult trades, including a look into the life of an fetish club. The subsequent programme covered the opening of a lap dancing club.

It set off quite promisingly covering dominatrix and fetish sides to sex without glorification or you getting the feeling that the interviews were staged. They also took you into the world of the adult club owner and boy was he a tosser, he was rude to his staff and the press alike.

The main items like the dominatrix were interest with little snippets of people and their sexual predilections and these were the parts that were quite hard to digest. One guy claimed to like balloons ever since he had seen them on a “really old” Crackerjack (for the benefit of those who haven’t seen it, this was a children’s programme which ran for years).

All sounded well and plausible, he liked the girl to pop the balloon with her nails and he was saying all the right things but something seemed to be missing…His credibility…this guy didn’t even know that he was what is known (to many people) as a “Looner” and surely he should have known that and mentioned it, even if just to say he didn’t like the term. Or am I being too sceptical?

They also interviewed two couples who claimed to swing with each other. They weren’t embarrassed to reveal themselves in front of the camera. Lol So I doubted them from the start with their staged orgy interspersed between the interviews. One of the female participants kept going on and on about getting bored easily.

This made me wonder why she was still participating in sexual activity which she admitted she only did for her male partner. Her attention span seemed to last no longer than that of a goldfish when she talks about different sexual play. 🙂

The final straw, was a girl claiming to be a nymphomaniac, which in her summing up amounted to her having sex about 6 times per week. WHAT! That’s two days for me. Lol And you should have seen the bedrooms they shot all the interviews, seedy, dingy with wallpaper hanging off the walls. Everyone’s lived in places like that at some point in their lives, but it made the viewer think that all us Brits live in squats.

I must admit that when I had finished watching this hour long trip through all things sexual I felt slightly embarrassed as a Brit. Why you ask. Because I think it portrayed us all as being seedy and dirty and that this kind of thing, swinging, BDSM and other non-straight sexual behaviour doesn’t happen in every corner of Britain. Well, it does. The whole thing just left me wanting to wash my hands.

Did anyone else catch it?

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