Sex With Seven Girls – 3 Michelle

By | July 21, 2010

SecretaryMichelle sat tapping her pen against her desk jotter waiting for the phone to ring. She had been anticipating Tony’s visit all morning, the tension building within her. When the phone did ring it startled her making her heart race. The receptionist informed her that Tony was waiting for her in reception.

Greeting him formally Michelle waited for the recognition to dawn on Tony’s face. At school she had been a dumpy brown haired girl, a little plain and the least confident of the group of friends. Now she was an athletic build, perhaps a little too athletic after hours every week spent in the gym. Her hair was blonde and professionally cut into a bob. She wore a knee-length skirt and lose fitting top  that matched the laid-back dress code of the company. Her face was immaculately made up giving the impression that she was never far from a mirror. Tony felt out of place in his suit, or at least an obvious outsider.

They chatted for a while as a precursor to their meeting about employee liability insurance, catching up on old times.

“You look well.” Observed Tony, feeling it was required of him by someone so obviously devoted to their appearance.

“A personal trainer and self-discipline. “ She laughed. ”You are looking pretty good too.” Her tongue played across her lips, eyes darting from his face to his crotch where his substantial member was visible even in its present sleeping state as a bulge in his suit trousers. “Pipa must be enjoying married life.”

“I like to think so.” He said, realising he had switched to flirt mode. Odd he thought, Michelle wasn’t really his type but he had begun to imagine what it would feel like to lick her pussy while she lay back on the desk. Tony shook his head to dispel the thoughts and tried to change the subject. “Your dress code is very relaxed, makes me feel over-dressed.”

“Well take some clothes of then.” Said Michelle. “I mean your tie.” But her eyes said otherwise. Rising from her chair Michelle approached him and leant forward, her perfume was strong but he couldn’t place it. Her hands loosened his tie and slid it out from his collar, then slim fingers unfastened the top two buttons of his shirt.


“I feel more relaxed already.” Tony held her eyes with his as he said it. She stood motionless in front of him as if waiting. Tony’s hand slid up under the hem of her skirt and between her thighs. Michelle bit her lip when his fingers found her mound, covered in satin. He rubbed for a while and then stopped, his fingers pressing firmly against her.

“I should ask you to leave.”

“But you won’t, will you.” Tony said softly, knowing what he said to be true. Something odd was going on, he wasn’t sure what but he had the same connection with Michelle as he had felt previously with Jane and Rebecca. It was a certainty that they desired a carnal encounter with him. For him it was accompanied by an uncharacteristic lack of guilt that would have otherwise accompanied a betrayal of his wife.

“I want to taste you.” Tony told her.

Feeling a mixture of shock and excitement at his bluntness she lifted up her skirt and pulled down her black satin briefs. Her pussy, adorned with the thinnest strip of hair nestled between the tops of her thighs.

“On the desk.” He ordered and was surprised at his own forcefulness but even more so that Michelle responded and lay back on the desk pulling her knees to her breasts and letting her legs splay open.

Tony knelt with his face poised before her snatch. Her aroma filled his nostrils. He drew in a deep breath, noting how similar, yet unlike his wife’s Michelle’s fragrance was.  She had a sharper, less deep character than Pipa. He toyed with the idea of licking Michelle then Pipa, then Michelle again to create a cocktail of pussy juices in his mouth … another day perhaps.

His tongue began to lap at her, wetting her opening feeling her move under his lingual massage. Her lips parted slightly and it was then that he began to work his way inside them. Each delicate fold was probed and licked his tongue, now salivating in anticipation at the feast, unfolded each soft layer of her cunt. Soon he had reached the molten opening to her pussy. His tongue became a hard rod of muscle, probing as deep as he could, then it softened again to lick round and round the entrance where her nerves were most sensitive.

Michelle was playing with her clitoris, rubbing it in a circular motion. Above, Tony could see her squeezing her breasts through the material of her blouse with her other hand. Tony started to lap along her pussy, longer and longer strokes until his tongue replaced her finger rubbing and sucking at her clitoris. She began to cum, her thighs pressing hard against Tony’s ears holding his head in place. Michelle’s hands grabbed his head pulling him onto her pussy, encouraging him to continue pleasuring her. Tony rubbed her clit until his tongue ached sending shuddering aftershocks through Michelle’s body.

Michelle lay on the desk, again rubbing her clit while Tony removed his trousers and shorts. He slid his throbbing cock inside Michelle as soon as it was released from his clothes. Michelle’s moistness meant the penetration was tight and exciting but smooth. Three firm strokes sent Tony into a powerful ejaculation that rocked him from head to toe. He slumped across Michelle breathing heavily.

Tony started when he heard the door open and in walked Anna.