We Like Em’ Hard

By | February 17, 2008

AlexSuze.com, Gene HuntNaughty you if you thought this post was going to be about COCK. Lol I know you have come to expect this one is slightly different. 😉 Although you know that I never disappoint when it comes to talking about them.

I hope you all have been watching Ashes To Ashes, the follow on-series/spin-off to Life On Mars. It took me a while to get in to it as the series has a similar thread to the last but you always take time to get to know the new characters.

That said they have kept the wonderful duo Ray and Chris, in addition they have developed Ray’s character and he is so amusing. Never has a fag out of his mouth and idolises Gene. These guys are so believable and I suppose there were coppers just like that in the 80’s.

But without a doubt my favourite character has to be Gene Hunt, he has won my heart and for all the wrong reasons. He is rough, abrupt, non pc, sexist and quite a thug. Even with all these qualities I still find myself attracted to him. I think it is exactly that, he is tough, rough and has a wit which redeems him.

Horny at work last week admitted to fancying him too and said he could stamp her arse any day. So, he is in there.

I return to my earlier post about what turns me on and again I think it comes down to power. Gene has power and also a soft inner which is occasionally revealed for all to see. It makes him vulnerable at the same time as being a…as he likes to put it “Hard Bastard”.

Out of character Philip Glenister also displays humility, intelligence, humour and has a voice I could listen to for hours. Bugger! I think I’m developing a crush.

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