Openly Sexual

By | February 17, 2008

AlexSuzeWe were out shopping earlier today and something I witnessed made me question my sexuality and just how open I’m prepared to be.

Alex and I were out and about when we came across the Ann Summers store. Well you know what I’m like I just had to pop in and take a look around. I browsed through the underwear and novelty items to the area I was really interested in taking a look around at the back of the store.

This is where they display their battery operated equipment. We rounded a bend in to the toy dept and the sight there took my breath away. Now bear in mind that neither Alex or myself are prudes, in fact we couldn’t be much further away from that.

But what we saw made me question myself. There was a couple in their mid to late 30’s, what’s wrong with that you may say. Only they had also taken in their 3 year old son and a little one in a pushchair.

Now, I don’t shock easily but I must admit I was a) surprised that the assistant was happily chatting to them when it was obvious that the store is not intended for entry by minors and b) that the parents were so brazen as to take the kids shopping for their sex toys.

The couple weren’t just wandering round aimlessly she was actually turning on the vibes and trying them out. No not like that. Lol

It made me ask myself how open I would be if we had kids of our own. I’ve always said that I would be open and honest about sex and sexuality with them. There is nothing worse than gaining your information on sex in the playground where it can be frightening and misleading.

But I do think this is a step too far to be inclusive of you children in your bedroom antics. Until today I thought I was totally open but this made me realise there are just some things that you don’t share with your offspring.

How do you feel about this?