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By | February 18, 2008

AlexSuze.comA few days ago on A-Rouse.com I mentioned an article on Informed Consent about the UK government’s attempts to bring in a law that could criminalize a huge swathe of previously legal sexual activity between consenting adults. Great efforts are being made to ensure that the law is re-worded to make sure that personal freedoms are protected while maintaining a robust stance against sexual practices that involve coercion are prosecutable. It’s a delicate balancing act because it is necessary to accomodate the increasingly diverse range of sexuality that is being expressed. Sadly, the government may be getting it horrible wrong, resulting in people in loving and safe BDSM relationships being prosecuted. Anyway, if you want to read the article you can find my post about it here.

The reason I am writing this post is that I was reading today about the Chinese blogger Li LI, aka Muzi Mei. She made some hugely worrying points about the explosion of awareness regarding sexuality in China since the beginning of the liberalisation of the country, and the expansion of the wealthy middle classes, the whole article is here. What got me thinking is the notion of 1.3 billion people, formerly sexually oppressed, learning about alternative sexuality from porn DVDs.

The Chinese are a people who where under totalitarian Marxist rule for decades. Their view of sex was defined by the party, controlled by the party. They are a country who can put astronauts into space, their ingenuity and fecundity can not be doubted, but in the mad rush for progress are they avoiding sexual education and awareness?

Under communist rule sex was reduced to a process for the creation of children, within state sanctioned marriage. Now that the youthful, adventurous, emerging middle class are looking for ways in which to express themselves and spend their hard earned wealth I have to ask if pirated porn DVDs and the Internet are the only source of education about sex. Unlike in the UK, where censorship is currently at a reasonable level, a porn DVD in China could contain anything from zoophilia to snuff.

We do have a substantial number of Chinese readers. I’d ask any of them, if they read this post, to mail me and let me have their perspective on the current state of sexual education and awareness in China.

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