Sexy Girls In Sexy Gear

By | July 23, 2010

StockingsWhat counts as sexy varies so much for each and every one of us.I was doing a little research into fetishes and came across quite a few that seem to be quite bizarre. I suppose using the word bizarre implies those who have these fetishes are odd people but I’ve come to the conclusion that they are not at all odd.

The reason?

Well look at “normal” fetishes. Or perhaps what most people would see as the sort of things that would turn a person on. I’ll elaborate from a man’s perspective here as that’s what I understand best.

How about stockings? I love em, but if you think about it stockings are simply long socks. Now you wouldn’t get all excited about a smelly old pair of socks … would you? You could of course argue that it’s not just the stockings but the act of putting them on, the way they enhance the shape of a leg, taking them off and the whole raft of associations they have with sexy lingerie … but would you get turned on by a pair of false eyelashes?

They are also sometimes part of a woman’s preparation to go out but they are not something that in themselves gets my pulse going. I don’t for example get all hot and bothered seeing someone tease them off their eyelids at the end of a night as I would if she was rolling off her stockings.

What about sexy undies? Why do I like most men find them sexy? After all underwear is there to stop you leaving skid marks in your outer garments isn’t it – hell your pants are anyway. Why is that so sexy? OK, so the underwear might be quite feminine, emphasise certain attributes … but so what? It’s a piece of fabric, an item of clothing like any other.

I’ve decided that the only fetishes that I really have a problem with are those that are potentially harmful. That is stuff like scat or edge play, and I suppose you’d have to say smoking fetish. The latter of course not being immediately life-threatening but longer term … that’s ex-smokers for you sanctimonious bastards.

No, live and let live. So long as everyone’s consenting then whatever turns you on, turns you on.