BDSM Party Animals

By | February 18, 2008

Mansfield DungeonAlways the way, isn’t it? You get an invite to a party and you’ve already committed to something else.

This weekend we had agreed to have nephew overnight. As usually the little sod ran us ragged, in the nicest possible way. So by the time we dropped him off early on Saturday evening we were knackered.

Off to bed we trotted for a restorative doze so we could enjoy the evening later without falling asleep. last week was a hard week 18 hour days and a lot of stress. While we were in bed I got a text inviting us to a party. Even if I’d seen it, which I didn’t until this morning we would have been too worn-out to go, plus it’s a bit of a bloody jaunt to get to the Mansfield Dungeon from where we live. However it was nice of The Dungeon’s Mistress to invite us. The nap did the trick and I was still bouncing around at 2 in the morning, despite the large quantity of wine that mysteriously made its way down my throat.

I can’t understand people who say that they get bored. There is so much to experience in life and we’ll only get to taste a tiny fraction of it. We’d have loved to visit the Mansfield Dungeon and sample its delights, there’s always next time.

So what did we get up to this weekend? Well apart from spending half of it building rockets and stuff from bricks, and various animals from Playdoh (then trying to get said Playdoh out of the lounge carpet), lots.

We’ve reviewed a couple of toys, and made a video for one of them. That video is doing rather well, #56 most viewed in the UK so far. You can see it here. The full review will be published tonight.

We did a bit of work on Adult Blog Hub. We’re still getting our heads round it at the moment. And we’ve placed pressure on ourselves to make further changes to make the site easier to use and increase the traffic we provide to members. Oh and we did a little housekeeping, removing dead blogs from the database.

Right, that’s all for now. Check back for Suze latest sex toy review later.