Work That Body

By | July 23, 2010

Girl Doing YogaI’ve found that my body has different energy levels from time to time.  Some days I work through my routine at gym with relative ease and other days it’s a real chore.  I don’t know if I could control this more by making dietary changes I’ve not become that anal yet and I don’t buy those energy drinks.  Perhaps I should for my low energy days.

Today I quite literally dragged myself down there against better judgement, I had a temperature through the night and felt drained before retiring to bed.  But despite feeling like shit this morning I made myself go, working on the “kill or cure” theory.

On my way there I was thinking about Louise and if she would be there working out in muscle corner which made my visit more worth while.  😉

I parked up the car and checked in at reception and then immediately noticed something was wrong with the layout.  They had moved the rowing machines that I use and ogle Louise from.  I felt an immediate need to rant and made my way over to the reception desk to enquire where they had been moved to.

The girl behind the desk explained that they needed to relocate them to make way for some new equipment.  I was totally pissed off when I discovered that they had been relocated to an area of the gym where you couldn’t see muscle corner at all.  Grrrrr!

Now the nearest I get to her is 5 rows of equipment away with my back to her when I do my cycling.  🙁  The only way I will get chance to spend time near her now is to start working out with the free weights in muscle corner with all the sweaty testosterone fuelled guys.

I may need to re-evaluate my workout routine…