Pornography In 307,200 Pixels

By | July 24, 2010

HeadEvery new media is quickly utilised for the depiction and dissemination of porn. It’s a fact of nature. I think I’ve talked about that subject before.

Writing about early video games for an article last night reminded me of the first animated pornographic image I ever saw. It was an animated gif, 640×480 pixels, 1 bit colour depth – i.e. monochrome – with very roughly dithered shading. It depicted a girl blowing two guys and was called head4two.gif. Notice the eight character file name, yes it was MS-DOS at the time none of the fancy windows rubbish.

It was in fact bloody awful. Not at all exciting but very naughty and quite a novelty as the Web was still being used by a group of scientists at CERN a few academics and very few others. So the literally millions of porn sites you can find today simply didn’t exist. And you’d have to wait a day and a half for any decent sized picture to download anyway. Ah dial-up modems. LOL

Anyway haven’t things moved on, as the inset picture demonstrates.