Top Cat Remote Vibe Makes My Pussy Purrrrr!

By | February 18, 2008

A vibe is a vibe, I know you may be thinking that but this remote controlled vibrator is different to the conventional. It’s remote controlled and therefore can be used solo, or the bit I like best, with your partner quite literally taking control.

Lets have some facts first and get the formalities out of the way before we have some fun!

  • The rabbit vibrator is made from a jelly, soft to the touch
  • Overall length is 6 ¾” with 5 ¼” of insertible pleasure
  • It has Multi-Function & Multispeed controls
  • With both Rotation & Vibration, phew did you get that?
  • It comes complete with a pretty little pink remote which takes 2 x AAA batteries
  • And the vibe itself uses 4 x AA batteries
  • This vibe is also Phthalate Free.

Equipment used for this test drive, a little lube and one horny guy. 😉

Normally I would slip off and try this one out by myself or we would indulge in a little mutual masturbation. This time I needed Alex to be my right hand man and operate the controls. Lol

It was Saturday afternoon and we both slipped off to the bedroom. There is something so bad about disappearing up to the bedroom in the afternoon. The central heating was on and as Alex drew the curtain together I slipped out of my jeans and panties, leaving my bra and black shirt on.

There is also something naughty about playing with yourself whilst semi naked, almost surreptitiously indulging in wickedness. I waited for Alex to fit the batteries and when he had finished I lay back on the bed with the vibe, whilst he kept hold of the remote.

I pressed a few buttons to make myself familiar with its multiples functions even though I wouldn’t be the one controlling my orgasms today. Alex reclined on the bed beside me in just his boxer shorts and propped himself up on his left arm to watch as I applied a small blob of lube to the pink tip of the vibrator.

The prospect of pleasuring myself with Alex controlling every move was getting my blood pumping. I opened my legs and encircled my opening with the cold tip of the vibe to spread the lube before pushing it inside my pussy.

It was soon up to the hilt and I could have taken more. One thing I will say is that I am a tall girl and it could have been slightly bigger for me but if you are petite this vibrator will be just right. 😉 With the rabbit firmly nibbling on my clit I lay back waiting for the first ripples of delight to hit me.

I turned my head to face Alex and let him know I was ready. The rabbit burst in to action and WOW, is he a powerful one. My clit was resonating with the bullet’s awesome power. He turned up the frequency and I was quite happy with what I was receiving thank you very much.

But we hadn’t even started yet. He now turned on the rotating vibe and I must say this is the closest feeling I have had to the act with a vibrator. The sensation of the tip moving around inside your opening feels just like a cock moving in and out. I just wish it had been slightly longer for me.

Alex turned up the power and it wasn’t long before I was gripping the vibe between my thighs and gyrating my hips against the motion within my hot pussy. My nerve endings were tingling and my toes started to join in. I arched my back and orgasmed loudly. What with the flashing lights and the motor running I was part of the show.

The lights flash and twinkle whilst you are using the vibe give a wonderful show. I hope the neighbours didn’t notice the flashing coloured lights mid Saturday afternoon in the bedroom. 😉 OK, OK, they aren’t that bright, but it aroused the exhibitionist in me.

I turned my head to face Alex and he was stroking himself waiting for me to come down so that he could fuck me. It was a difficult choice to make but I had to jump on his hard cock and ride him cowgirl. He came for England and collapsed on the bed.

That’s one thing a vibe can do…just keep on going…

One final word of warning, before you use this vibe make sure that you don’t have guests because if they don’t hear that powerful hum of the motor or see those flashing coloured lights, they will certainly hear you. 😉