Sex With 7 Girls – 6 Sandra

By | July 25, 2010

Stocking And AssTony drove home, his ass still stretched and tingling from Bev’s dildo. Pulling into the drive he noticed a familiar car on the road but was surprised to find Sandra in the kitchen alone.

“Pipa had to go back to pop out to the shops. She’ll be about half an hour.” She explained.

She was wearing a floaty green dress that dipped deep into her monumentally large cleavage and finished mid-thigh.

“I got a call from Jane about about you …”

“Oh Fuck!” Tony’s face dropped.

“Yes, but I think she described it as a great fuck.” Smiled Sandra. “She got me feeling all left out, and you wouldn’t want that would you?”

Tony’s mind weighed up the possibilities. This was his house, Pipa was back in about thirty minutes and Sandra wanted him to fuck her. His mind weighed up the options but his cock took over and made the decision.

Tony pushed Sandra against the wall and pressed his lips to hers. The taste of her lipstick reminded him she would need a few minutes to clean up before Pipa returned. He could feel her bosom between them, huge mounds of flesh that he would attend to later. First he had other business …

He pulled up the front of her dress and pushed his hand between her legs. The thin fabric of her panties was wet as if she had been aroused by the mere thought of his arrival. It was pulled aside with such force that the seams tore leaving him unhindered access to her pussy. He pushed two fingers roughly inside her wet snatch, seeking out her G Spot.

Sandra cried out as soon as he pressed on the spongy mound and began to melt, leaning on him and the wall for support when he began to rub her vaginal wall. She was wetter immediately and in a few seconds the tops of her thighs became rivers of ejaculate. His fingers sloshed inside her, the clear aromatic fluid running down to her knees.

Her pussy began to close on his fingers making movement difficult but with a final flourish he coaxed her into a gushing, squirting climax that covered his hand and left a puddle of fluid forming on the tiled floor between her legs. She slumped over his shoulder, for a moment unable to stand.

Tony waited for her to recover a little and guided her to the table. She bent over the white oak bench with her round ass in the air. Tony lifted her dress and ripped off the tattered remains of her panties. She waited while he dropped his trousers, her eyes widened when she felt his cock nuzzle against her lips and screamed out loud when he pushed inside her sopping cunt.

Tony grasped her hips no longer caring if Pipa arrived back early. He discarded any attempt at sophisticated technique and fucked Sandra for his own gratification. He wanted to cum in her now, bouncing off her beautifully curvy frame without consideration for her pleasure. Luckily for Sandra this was exactly what she had craved from him and came as soon as his reckless onslaught began.

Tony’s hands shifted to her shoulders, pulling her towards him as he thrust into her. His balls slapped on her pussy, their thighs collided and the sloshing sound as he hammered in and out of her built into a crescendo when he came.

Tony staggered back grabbing a chair and collapsing into it. He stared hazily at Sandra’s red, pouting, glistening pussy, her body still bent over the table and became suddenly aware or someone licking his softening cock.

He looked down to see Pipa with his member in her lips.”You and her  taste good together.” She said.


“Halt.” Said Pipa. “Recharge cycle.”

Tony stood, pulling up his trousers and silent walked down the hall and upstairs.


The girls sat drinking wine and discussing the events of the last few days.

“He’s so much fun.” Said Sandra. “No complications and no guilt.”

“I love the memory implants. He actually thought I’d seen his cock when we were swimming at college!” Laughed Anna.

“None of us could never have afforded him on our own. Let’s not fight over him, eh girls!”

“Well, there is one thing we could do …” mused Bev “How about an orgy next week?”

“Yes please!” Said Rebecca, slowly undressing Pipa with her eyes and imaging a three-way encounter with Tony …