Fucking Risky Risqué

By | July 25, 2010

DPI’m sure most of us have had sex in risky situations, where the excitement was fuelled by the possibility of being discovered or because it’s just plain out of the ordinary.  I know I have and come close to being caught.

I’ve fucked on a train returning back from a day trip, in a car down a popular lovers lane and had someone come and tap on the window to have their car pushed out of the mud…lol, on the bank of a river when some guys came walking up the opposite emabankment, in the kitchen of my boyfriends parets, on the work surface to be precise while they were sleeping in their bedroom above and many more occasions which spring to mind.

But I have never shagged on a window sill, with the window open and naked.  I would say you were more than tempting fate there.  Well one couple I just read about fell foul (pardon the pun) of their reckless tryst, you can read exactly what happened to them here.