I’m His Obsession

By | February 19, 2008

Alexsuze.com, SuzeIn my early years I had two guys who have been obsessed with me. One when I was about thirteen and the other when I was about sixteen.

The first was a guy who had left school and was a little slow. He had been revisiting school during the lunch breaks, for some reason he didn’t seem to be able to detach himself when he left at 16, now seventeen he was visiting daily.

He would stand outside the school building and talk to everyone. I was and still am for that matter a very open and caring person, certainly one who doesn’t like to upset or offend people. Therefore I would chat to him, in some ways feeling a little sorry for him.

After a few weeks his visits to school would be mainly to see me and speak to me. And for some reason, I decided to give him my phone number. He would call me after I got home from school and chat for ages. Then eventually he asked me to meet him.

Innocently I decided to meet him in a public place, bearing in mind that I was still under sixteen and limited in venues by my age. I decided to meet him at a local playground. We innocently chatted and I thought he was sweet.

I told my friends all about him and they told me to be careful. I wasn’t scared of him, he never offered to hurt me any way. Days passed and I began to tire of his calls and visitation to school. My friends were quite cruel and started to ridicule both him and me and I decided to put an end to it.

When he called I told him that he shouldn’t contact me any more. I felt dreadful and he threatened to hurt himself if I didn’t see him. When he said that something clicked and I was more determined than ever that I never wanted to see him again. I wasn’t going to be blackmailed.

The problem with me is that I get myself in to situations because I am too soft.

Some years later I had a similar experience. A guy who had met me through my current boyfriend took a real liking to me. Not wanting to be rude I would talk to him at the youth club and I can’t remember why but he got hold of my phone number too and would call me to chat, quite innocently.

I think he had a kind of empathy with me because the guy I was seeing at the time was a two timer, a cheater and because I had a low self image I put up with his crap. My admirer made me feel special and I was kind of vulnerable.

He really was a very nice guy but not at all my type. I even went to a party at his house and met his mother, his father was dead. They were a really nice family but I just didn’t fancy him. Needless to say my boyfriend eventually did the dirty on me once too often and I told him to fuck off.

And throughout all this my admirer kept in touch and supported me. He was a great guy…

The reason I posted this was, today I think I saw him just for a fleeing moment at the traffic lights. Funny how things can spark your memory.