Cumming For Ruth

By | July 30, 2010

OfficeHe’d walked past her every day, occasionally nodding, exchanging the sort of polite style that co-workers do when they recognise each other’s face but don’t know their name. Months passed but it was only when he was put on secondment to another department that he actually found out where in the towering company offices she worked.

Her department was being relocated to another floor and the newly refitted, empty offices smelt of new carpet and freshly unpacked office equipment.

He put down the file box he was carrying to knock on the door. The nameplate, freshly cut, read “Ruth Thomas, Marketing Director”.  When the voice inside bid him enter he put a name to her face for the first time.

“Hello.” Said Ruth, smiling warmly. She rose from her chair and offered her hand. “I’m Ruth.”

“Ed.” Her replied and took her hand.

He looked her up and down. She was about 5’ 3” wearing jeans and a red blouse fitted under her bust. Very unlike her normal office attire. Her hair was tied up but in a pony tail not with the normal impeccable neatness that she wore around the office, a few strands of hair hung loose around her face. She was obviously still moving into the office, hence the files he was carrying and surrounded by yet to be unpacked office furniture.

“Can you put that behind the door, over there.” She asked. “Thanks.” She turned around and walked back to her desk. “I’m sure we’ll get this tidied up one day.” She laughed. “Do you fancy a coffee?”


She poured them both a cup and leant against her new desk chatting to him, asking about his role in the company, his likes, his dislikes. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up every time she addressed him in her rich, soft tones. His eyes, while first drawn to her chest which filled her blouse until the buttons tugged at their threads, spent a lot of time looking at her face. She was fifteen, maybe twenty years his senior but her eyes were playful, young, alive and quite beguiling.

“I have to get back.” Said Ed excusing himself, suddenly conscious of the time.

“OK, I’ll take that.” Ruth reached out to take the cup from him, her hand brushing his.

Ed jumped. “Don’t worry, I won’t bite. Well not unless you want me to.” Giggled Ruth, only half joking. She was flirting with him, her body movements had suddenly become slow and cat like. Ed felt a rush of excitement but immediately dismissed it as his imagination making something out of nothing simply because for some reason he found this older woman intensely sexual.

Ruth took the cup and put it on the filing cabinet next to her then took his hand between both of hers. “You see. Nothing to worry about.” She didn’t let go and slid one hand up the soft skin of his inner forearm, only stopping when she reached the rolled up sleeve of his shirt. She made small circles on his arm with her neatly manicured nails which made him shudder.

He looked down at her eyes that now challenged him to make the next move. He did. Leaning forward he kissed her on the lips and immediately felt her mouth open, inviting him inside. His tongue slid in and tussled with her. She leant back on the filing cabinet and he pressed against her. Her arms slid around his back and grasped his bum pulling him towards her and pressing the bulge in his trousers into her stomach. Ed Braced himself on the top of the cabinet with his arms becoming conscious of Ruth’s breasts pressed between them.

Several minutes passed before they eventually parted, breathless and needful.

Ruth unbuttoned her blouse and peeled the fabric back to reveal a red lacy bra underneath.  She was endowed with large breasts that gave her an inviting soft cleavage, one that Ed wanted to investigate. He reached out and cupped a breast in one hand, squeezing it through the lacy material of her bra.

“Do you like them?” Asked Ruth, knowing the answer from the look on his face. He nodded. She slipped the blouse from her shoulders and tossed it onto the desk. “Come and sit down …”

Ed sat on her leather chair and Ruth sat on Ed across his lap. Her chest was almost level with his face now and he was about to reach around and unclip her bra when she did so. The heavy mounds that were revealed were not the petit and pert kind that his girlfriend had, these were soft and sensuous in a way he wasn’t used to, her nipples were quite large but in proportion to her tits and her nipples were erect and inviting. Ed leaned forward to first lick and suck them. Soon he began to nibble and as the intensity of his attentions increased Ruth’s moans of appreciation grew louder.

Ruth grabbed Ed’s head and pressed him to her chest, desperate for release and enjoying the effect she was having on her young colleague. His cock was now a massive lump in his trousers and she imagined it must be very uncomfortable giggled at the thought.

She pushed Ed away and stood up. He looked at her quizzically and wondered if she had suddenly decided it wasn’t such a good idea after all. “I need to cum.” She said, chest heaving. Her fingers unfastened her jeans and pushed them over her hips taking her panties with them until they were mid-thigh. Her pussy was covered in dark brown hair, neatly trimmed and fragrant with arousal.

“Can I see it?” Asked Ruth.

Ed fumbled with his trousers and pulled out his cock through his flies. Ruth began to rub her clitoris frantically, seeking an orgasm that was so close. She bit her lip, boobs jiggling a little. She watched Ed stroking his cock and imagined his length inside her. That was enough to trigger her orgasm. It grabbed her and made her head roll first forward then back. She emitted a shuddering  “Yesss!!” and continued to rub before gaining her composure and returning her gaze to his now dribbling cock.

“You’re going to get that over my new carpet.” She teased. Ruth knelt in front of him and pushed his hand away before wrapping hers around his shaft. She began to masturbate Ed firm and fast, watching his facial expression for the clues that presaged his ejaculation.

“That’s it, you’re going to cum aren’t you? Let’s see what you’ve got.” She cupped her hand and pulled down his cock to point at it.

Ed began to squirt cum into her palm, he grunted as she continued to wank and milk his cock for every last drop of semen. When Ed regained his composure Ruth was running her finger through the sticky white fluid in her hand.

“I love it when it’s hot, straight out of a guy’s balls.” She mused. “Now, let’s talk about a transfer to the sales team for you, eh?”