Criminally Sexy Brunette

By | August 2, 2010

Jessica Jane ClementI love the show The Real Hussle which has been running on BBC television which has been running since 2006, with 7 series and 61 episodes. The basis of the show is confidence tricks and scams, showing you how to spot them and avoid being taken for a ride.

It features two male scamming experts Alex Conran and Paul Wilson who are very talented in confidence and magic tricks, distraction scams and proposition bets. The guys are very good and obviously spent many years plying their trade before being selected to showcase these for the BBC.

But I have left out the tastiest member of the crew. Miss Jessica-Jane Clements who is a gorgeous brunette and obviously a distraction to me. Lol And I’d like to bet that she is to anyone else too. Pardon the pun…no don’t. 🙂

You can read a brief history of the creator of the show here and I’m sure you can catch up on the shows on YouTube if you don’t have them where you are.

That’s the lovely Jessica up there in her undies the dirty bitch. Oh, the fun I could have letting her scam me. Uhmmmmm.